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June 23, 2022


Leading plant-based milk brand Ripple Foods recently staged a Hotel COWlifornia Pop-Up at a boutique hotel in LA. The private 2-day event featured Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star player Justin Turner and celebrity vegan chef Charity Morgan,who prepared an indulgent dairy-free menu for invited guests. 

A “dairy-free destination”

Each of Chef Morgan’s recipes incorporated Ripple’s plant-based range of products, including an open-faced protein burger with Ripple cheese, a spinach and artichoke dip, and strawberry basil shortcake with whipped Ripple topping. 

Turner, who has been promoting Ripple as a brand ambassador for the company’s “Mooove Over to Ripple” campaign, commented on the exclusive event. “Yesterday I joined @RippleFoods at their 2-day Dairy-Free Destination pop-up in LA where I shared my experience about becoming dairy-free,” Turner wrote on Instagram. “I sampled their new soft-serve and other non-dairy eats curated by chef Charity Morgan! Ripple definitely delivers on taste and nutrition – you can hardly tell the difference between Ripple and dairy milk.”

Ripple Menu Items
Ripple menu items ©Ripple

A top player

In the highly competitive category of plant-based milk, Ripple stands out as one of the fastest-growing brands. In 2021, the company raised $60M in a Series E round that exceeded its original capital funding goals, and reported an incredible +20% rate of growth compared to the alt milk industry’s overall +6% growth. 

Using protein-rich yellow peas, Ripple produces a line of nutritious milks, protein shakes, coffee creamer and frozen desserts. The brand also sells the highly successful Ripple Kids milk range, and recently unveiled Oatmilk + Protein, an innovation that combines the taste of oatmilk with the protein benefits of yellow peas.

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